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SEO/SEM: Are People Searching For the Words You’re Paying For?

Business owners generally have a pretty good idea about what to say to their customers and what’s important to them. Why? Because they know them.

But what about web-based, potential customers? Can you know customers you don’t have yet, can’t identify, and even once you acquire them might never meet?

Internet search-engine-based marketing (or SEM, of which SEO is a part) is different than making yourself available to people on terra firma. You need to know what people are looking for and how that relates to your business. It’s not for the faint of heart, either.  You almost certainly want to hire an experienced, expert SEO/SEM consultant (and yes, that’s us)

We could turn this post into an advertisement for what we do, but let’s instead point you at a freebie: here is some information on “choosing key phrases“. Go ahead and read it; we’ll wait . . .

Head spinning? Asking yourself how you can check all that stuff? Let us explain the process:

When you hire CDLLC to do your SEO, the first thing that we do is look at the key phrases you’re thinking about marketing. We look at your site, your industry, and similar or competitive businesses, and we create a list of keywords that we know we can use to boost your presence.

Why? because if you’re an obstetrician (for example) and want to rank high for the phrase OB/GYN, OB-GYN, OB GYN, or OBGYN you’ll find three problems:

  1. competition for high rankings on generic phrases is tremendous
  2. most people who search on any of those phrases are not really the people who are seeking your services
  3. the four phrases look the same to humans, but are all different to Google.

We address these issues by gathering information on the words that you believe are important. We tell you how many people are searching for these words, and how competitive the fight for each word is.

Here is a simplified version of what it looks like:

Top of the list (competitive, popular phrases):

Bottom of list (unpopular, noncompetitive phrases):

And then the fun begins: we make sure you’re spending your money going after the right traffic, in the right way. Which is fun for you because we do it for free, and fun for us because we understand and like this SEO stuff.

It’s only after you have a good strategy and can spend your money wisely that we go to work. Yes, that’s right; the research phase is on us. Contact us now if you like. We love working this magic.

-Crockett Dunn

-Jeff Yablon
Chief Operating Office, CDLLC
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