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Feeding Froogle: Search Engine Marketing for E-Commerce

Remember when the Internet was simple? The all-important e-commerce beast Google Products was originally known as Froogle. Froogle was a pioneer in compiling products from many online stores and websites into one big “store front.” This idea we call “The Dog Pile” approach (by the way, dogpile.com was a pioneer in multi-engine key phrase searching,… Continue reading

SEO/SEM: Are People Searching For the Words You’re Paying For?

Business owners generally have a pretty good idea about what to say to their customers and what’s important to them. Why? Because they know them. But what about web-based, potential customers? Can you know customers you don’t have yet, can’t identify, and even once you acquire them might never meet? Internet search-engine-based marketing (or SEM,… Continue reading

Two Cures for Boring Website Syndrome. Part 2: Content & Function

This is part two of our two part series on Boring Website Syndrome.. Part one can be found here, http://cdl.lc/two-cures-for-boring-website-syndrome-part-1-fashion/ When approached by new clients, there are a few common opening statements, requests, and complaints we hear, such as: I need “Help” with my website. I need a complete “Redesign” (which a lot of the… Continue reading

Two Cures for Boring Website Syndrome. Part 1: Fashion

This is part one of our two part series on Boring Website Syndrome.. Part two can be found here, http://cdl.lc/two-cures-for-boring-website-syndrome-part-2-content-function/ We were recently referred to a new client who asked us to make their website more engaging. The simplicity of the word, “engaging” is terrific. It’s more personal than interactive. More descriptive than customer-oriented or… Continue reading

Luddites: How May We Be of Service?

Years ago Dad came home from his business and informed us, “They took away my calculator and replaced it with a computer.” Like so many others during this time, he was pushed into accepting technology change. Just last month, Dad-in-law announced something similar. “I got a computer so I could look up specs on our… Continue reading

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential,” — Winston Churchill’s SEM Part II

If you enjoyed our riffing on Confucius, you’ll love what’s next. Ladies and Gentlemen, Sir Winston Churchill will now address your needs for Search Engine Marketing! Amazed that a man whose heyday was several decades before there was an Internet has so much to say on the topic? This will take four installments: “To improve… Continue reading

CMS is a Beautiful Thing, or Confucianism Part IV

“Good people distinguish things in terms of categories and groups.” In prior Confucianism-inspired posts, we talked about the benefits of using Content Management (CMS) at your website. We’ve made the case for organizing, ordering, and arranging web pages, so now onto breaking bottlenecks in controlling costs and maintaining efficiency while moving forward with today’s standards…. Continue reading

A History of Web Content & Confucianism

“Study the Past if You Would Divine the Future” Confucius would say: The Internet is a Big Deal. And Big Deals Change, but then return to whence they came. Or something like that. The Internet has been “around” now for several decades. We can trace its beginning to when Tim Berners-Lee “invented” it (and no,… Continue reading