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Albert Einstein On Experimentation, Investigation, and Internet Technology

Albert Einstein didn’t just pioneer modern physics with his enduring and revolutionary theory of General Relativity, he also said some smart stuff about the value of independent curiosity and experimentation. Let’s apply some of this to how you can use the internet to help your business.

Words of Wisdom
  1. “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”
  2. “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

If Al’s second quote scares you, fear not; we’re talking about research on our dime, not making mistakes with clients’ time and money. Here’s what it all boils down to:

  • Ask, ask, ask, inquire, question, and ask some more.  Then experiment, test and do some more experimenting.
  • Investigate and Innovate—don’t be afraid to lead rather than follow. Then when you’ve got it all figured out, be sure to keep testing—and verifying results.
  • Never settle into a finalized “method,” because the only constant in the internet world is the light-speed change (get it, physics people? light speed… constant?). Yesterday’s thinking never works for today’s internet.

At CDLLC: we’ve already done the research. The experimentation, the investigation, the trial and error for you, on our dime. We’ve got close to fifty combined years of experience with this stuff. And we keep doing the research. It’s part of our business.

Tested results are what matter, not just copying what you read in an instruction manual, or delivering the status quo, or doing what everyone else is talking about and doing. With the internet, any documentation on the right way to do something, especially SEM and SEO, is outdated by the time it’s published.

And Google’s “what matters and what doesn’t” rules aren’t published at all; experimentation and ongoing research are the only way to ensure the great results we deliver.

We’re fond of saying that most of what we do isn’t rocket science. Dr. Einstein, tongue planted firmly in cheek, would have said the same about his work. And he’s still the guy we all go to when it comes to relativity… and space… and time.

It’s time for your business to get serious about its Internet Presence. We’re here to help.

-Crockett Dunn

-Jeff Yablon
Chief Operating Office, CDLLC
President, Answer Guy Central Business Support Services


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