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Luddites: How May We Be of Service?

Years ago Dad came home from his business and informed us, “They took away my calculator and replaced it with a computer.” Like so many others during this time, he was pushed into accepting technology change.

Just last month, Dad-in-law announced something similar. “I got a computer so I could look up specs on our website.  It’s quicker and easier than the paper catalog.”  Slightly different from the above case, he was responding to the reality that technology makes a lot of things easier.

Do you know the word Luddite? Today its most-used form is to refer to a slow adopter of technology. But historically the term’s roots are a reference to the anti-industrial revolution movement in the early 1800’s. British textile artisans rebelled against wide-framed looms, fearing for their livelihoods in the face of technological advancement. They took their name from the fictional textile rebel Ned Ludd, and acted out by destroying mills and factory equipment.

Everyone resists change. Answer Guy Central is a whole business devoted to addressing this.

Evolution made us naturally conservative. But with virtually all of our evolving happening before technology we’re stuck with this cool but hard-to-understand stuff and a fast-moving economy— and we have built-in aversions to both.

This aversion is no illusion. An interview with the authors of TechnoStress reveals that EIGHTY-FIVE PERCENT of the population feels uncomfortable with technology. And there are real and measurable physiological stress responses to technology: sweating, increased blood pressure, elevated heart rate, and dry mouth!

Why is an internet company talking about Luddites and TechnoStress? Because we can help. There are all sorts of stress coping mechanisms, but let’s take a lesson from the industrial revolution—outsource difficult change to the specialists (that’s us).

Both of the Dads above had the same great reason for being late technology adopters, personally. They each run highly specialized businesses . . . so why be an expert in something else when you can rely on outsourced expert IT support to take care of everything for you?

That’s what we do with websites, search engines, e-commerce, back-end business/database systems, document management, forms, online payment… whatever you need chances are we do it.

Anything that makes money, saves money, and/or increases efficiency . . . call us.

-Crockett Dunn

-Jeff Yablon
Chief Operating Office, CDLLC
Answer Guy Central Business Support Services


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