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SEO: Google Penalties

Authoritative information on two types of penalties that can be inflicted upon a site by Google: algorithmic, and manually reported.  Also, how to submit a Reconsideration Request. Posted via email from crockettdunn’s posterous

The Current State of Popular-Inquiry According to Google

A recent study of Google’s suggestions for questions of the “WH” variety (who, what, when, where, why, how, which) revealed the following top themes (after normalization for celebrity a television media): Pregnancy, Marriage, Love, and Kissing Skills Weight Loss Poop The original study can be found here. This is the study.How:  Why: What: When: Where:… Continue reading

Luddites: How May We Be of Service?

Years ago Dad came home from his business and informed us, “They took away my calculator and replaced it with a computer.” Like so many others during this time, he was pushed into accepting technology change. Just last month, Dad-in-law announced something similar. “I got a computer so I could look up specs on our… Continue reading

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential,” — Winston Churchill’s SEM Part II

If you enjoyed our riffing on Confucius, you’ll love what’s next. Ladies and Gentlemen, Sir Winston Churchill will now address your needs for Search Engine Marketing! Amazed that a man whose heyday was several decades before there was an Internet has so much to say on the topic? This will take four installments: “To improve… Continue reading

A History of Web Content & Confucianism

“Study the Past if You Would Divine the Future” Confucius would say: The Internet is a Big Deal. And Big Deals Change, but then return to whence they came. Or something like that. The Internet has been “around” now for several decades. We can trace its beginning to when Tim Berners-Lee “invented” it (and no,… Continue reading

Search Enginge Marketing (SEM) and Optimization (SEO)

Any of you remember when Yahoo was one single web page? Back then, everything was a web page- no “sites” or “portals.” Just everyone and some companies had a nifty “Home Page.” Back then, I held the #1 Yahoo/Alta-Vista result for “Crockett,” because my Duke University Home Page was entitled, “Crockett… Crockett? Crockett!” This apparently… Continue reading