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Two Cures for Boring Website Syndrome. Part 1: Fashion

This is part one of our two part series on Boring Website Syndrome.. Part two can be found here, http://cdl.lc/two-cures-for-boring-website-syndrome-part-2-content-function/

We were recently referred to a new client who asked us to make their website more engaging.

The simplicity of the word, “engaging” is terrific. It’s more personal than interactive. More descriptive than customer-oriented or useful.

And so the thinking began . . .

Generally, we’re approached about existing sites with a variety of opening requests, including:

  • People need “Help” with their website.
  • Companies want a “Redesign” (which a lot of the time has more to do with engineering than design).
  • A request for “something more ‘current.'”

But our favorite opening statement—and perhaps the most honest—is this one:

“My Website is Boring.”

The Boring Website Syndrome is our favorite because it presents an opportunity for further diagnosis. We have the opportunity to get to know our client better and probe for unique needs relative to the business they’re in.

15+ years experience in internet consulting have taught us that Boring Website Syndrome breaks down into one of the following two categories, and often both:

1) The website looks old.
2) The website doesn’t offer or do anything . . . it doesn’t engage visitors.

Today, let’s explore number 1, the Old Website.

This is the easiest one to qualify, but hardest to quantify.  It’s very subjective. Website old-lookingness is a function of fashion. There were technologies in style 5-10 years ago that have gone the way of leisure suits and bell bottoms, and these technologies resulted in a distinct look, or “fashion,” in the sites that employed them.

Some “old-fashioned” items:

* The gray-background, center-aligned website.
* Embedded background music.
* The 3 resizeable, big-bordered frames/panels.

. . . we could go on and on.

And there are technologies available today that weren’t options 5-10 years ago. Some will stand the test of time, while others will go away. And this is one of the many areas in which we can help you. After so much time in the web world, we’re pretty good at separating the passing, frilly technologies from the solid, lasting ones.

And, of course, we’re well-versed in the latest design fashion—this includes the layout of your website container, global elements like navigation and search, the look of your deeper menus and navigation elements, and the division/layout of the primary page content inside each page container.

All of these, geeky as they sound, come back to the very practical issues of both the way your site looks and its function.

We’ve pointed out before that getting you set up on a Content Management System (CMS) creates drastic time and money savings by making redesigns and content publication a snap. Now let’s add to that:

Making your web site look good, act the way you need, and easy to administer all go together. And we want that to be as simple for you as possible.

-Crockett Dunn

-Jeff Yablon
Chief Operating Office, CDLLC
Answer Guy Central Business Support Services


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