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I’ve recently gotten a lot of questions about books I’m reading, so I’m publishing my current reading list here: Affiliate Link Disclosure: Affiliate links are included throughout the website. All of my affiliates are resources I recommend and use. If you click on them and use their services, I may receive a commission with no expense… Continue reading

Voice Command Has Arrived… Again. For the Last Time. (part 3)

In the first part of this series, I spoke about the natural inevitability of speech as a primary method for interfacing with technology. I painted a picture of how absurd human interaction would be if limited to the traditional methods available for interacting with technology. The flip-side of the ridiculous example from part 1 is “normal” human communication. Rich… Continue reading

For Speech Recognition and Voice Command, the Future is Already Here… So Why Hasn’t Anyone Noticed? (part 2)

For Speech Recognition and Voice Command, the Future is Already Here… So Why Hasn’t Anyone Noticed? (part 2) Speech: the original Human Interface In the previous post, I talked about the absurdity of old-style user interface, by painting a picture of two humans trying to “interface” with one another using only touch/type input or “bad” voice command…. Continue reading

For Speech Recognition and Voice Command, the Future is Already Here… So Why Hasn’t Anyone Noticed? (part 1)

Voice: the original Human Interface Isn’t it interesting, how we have become numb to the awesome impact that voice user interface (VUI) will have? Consider how unnatural and cumbersome traditional technology input methods have been, when compared to “interfacing” with another person using voice. To illustrate: imagine a conversation between two people. Now re-imagine that conversation,… Continue reading

Warning! Is Your Website Secure?

Google has announced their mission for a more secure internet. Currently almost half of US sites are not secure and Google is amping up the warning signs in Chrome to protect users.  Other browsers will follow. This month Google is increasing their warning notifications. Non-HTTPS sites, the S being Secure, will continue the trend of showing increasingly alarming… Continue reading

So Your Google Analytics Data is Gone

What does that mean… This is a follow up to the 5/17/2018 article, “How to Save Your Valuable Google Analytics Data in 4 Simple Steps.” On May 25th Google’s new Data Retention Policy took effect. Above: The current state of your analytics if you left the default “ 26-month” retention policy in effect. If you didn’t heed… Continue reading

Custom Integration Without Compromise

Case Study: Marki Microwave Success Story: Custom Integration Without Compromise By integrating three previously separate systems, CDLLC delivered a platform that offers the highest quality experience for Marki Microwave in their drive to offer an uncompromising and secure customer experience while maintaining the flexibility to self-manage custom website aesthetic features bringing together form and function… Continue reading

How to Find Out What Company Designed a Website

Ever looked at a competitor’s website and wondered, “How can I find out who designed my competitor’s website?” Well, it happens a lot in my business, and there’s actually a very simple and easy way to find out. It works 90% of the time, and it takes all of 20 seconds. Ok, ready?  The trade… Continue reading

Bluetooth Proximity Unlock from Broadcom/Widcomm- Great in Windows 7… Unsupported by Windows 10??

Why isn’t anyone complaining about the lack of full Windows 10 support for Broadcom’s Widcomm Bluetooth software stack, specifically the Proximity Unlock feature that is supported by Windows 7.  Yes I know, lots of super geeky words here, but doesn’t everyone want workstation security without having to type and retype strong passwords to unlock their workstation? It’s beautiful,… Continue reading

SEM best practices

View the webcast here. Aspects of integrating aspects of a Total Web Presence campaign: PPC, Social Media, & Search. Covers SEO/PPC budgeting, tactics for increasing PPC quality score, & Social Media Advertising strategies. Closes with case study from Timex. Posted via email from crockettdunn’s posterous