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Warning! Is Your Website Secure?

Google has announced their mission for a more secure internet.

Currently almost half of US sites are not secure and Google is amping up the warning signs in Chrome to protect users.  Other browsers will follow. This month Google is increasing their warning notifications.

Non-HTTPS sites, the S being Secure, will continue the trend of showing increasingly alarming indications of non-security. Previously the warnings were discreet; users had to click over the information symbol to get to the security notice. Now the website warnings in the address bar will include the notice that the connection is, “Not secure.”

Where we were: Something along the lines of, “Oh, hey, BTW. You are submitting information over a non secure connection. Be cautious.” Where we are now: “Your information is NOT secure.” And how we like to imagine a hypothetical future of alarmist warnings… “RUN AWAY!!!”

Why does this matter?

The growing trend towards an awareness of online information security and privacy means more users are mindful of who they trust with their sensitive information. Can your clients feel secure logging into your website or do they see an alarming security warning about the potential safety of their personal data?

This ramp up of the importance of website security can also affect your Google search rankings. If all other factors are equal, with a secure site vs non-secure site, the secure site will rank higher. That lower ranking negatively affecting your traffic and sales.

Is your website configured to protect your clients from the possibility of data interception/theft?

A correctly configured SSL certificate, running all pages over https, is necessary for the security & functionality of your site.

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