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SEO Tip: Incoming Links

Incoming links are a heavily weighted factor in establishing your search engine ranking (your Google Page Rank).  However, it is not the QUANTITY of links that is important (in fact, too many links from bad sources can actually hurt you), so much as the QUALITY of incoming links to your site. OK, so what is… Continue reading

Google Blended Search, Revisited

Sometimes clients look at me sideways when they find out they need to be discussing their products on YouTube or Facebook and Twitter. Why bother?The short answer is: Google recognizes and rewards “buzz” about your website.  For the long answer, and an explanation of Google Blended Search Results, a.k.a. Google Universal Search, read on… Since… Continue reading

Planning Your Business Web Presence, or Confucianism Part II

The exact quote from our old friend Confucius is “When they do good things, good people plan first“. In fifteen years in this business, we’ve seen a lot of web development projects, and gained a wealth of experience. Typical, our clients come to us saying something like “Build me a web site with an awesome… Continue reading