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Custom Integration Without Compromise

Case Study: Marki Microwave

Success Story: Custom Integration Without Compromise

By integrating three previously separate systems, CDLLC delivered a platform that offers the highest quality experience for Marki Microwave in their drive to offer an uncompromising and secure customer experience while maintaining the flexibility to self-manage custom website aesthetic features bringing together form and function while harnessing performance and usability.

The Client: Marki Microwave

Marki Microwave is a global leader in the RF and Microwave technology field servicing clients in the aerospace, defense, and commercial spheres.

With a long standing history of providing superior quality in technology and thought-leadership to a demanding industry their client services have to be unfaltering.

When searching for a solution to integrate the multiple systems already in place, there was no out of the box solution that met Marki Microwave’s high standards. They reached out for a tailor made platform to retain ease of use of their blogging system while automating advanced catalog features and allowing for custom control without compromising performance and usability.

The Project: Systems Integration

CDLLC set out to create a custom system that prioritizes the B2B client experience. Features include catalog management with real-time stock and price information, and indexing by technical specifications. Accelerated site speed and elegant aesthetics culminated in the best experience for the customer. All while delivering ease of use, design control, security, search presence, and ultimately customer satisfaction, efficiency, and increased growth potential.

The upgraded website needed to integrate an open source PHP blog providing a straightforward platform to customize design elements and publish the latest research, technical data, and custom applications; their secure active server pages (ASP) catalog management system; the back-end enterprise reporting platform (ERP) with custom pricing tables.

Multiple challenges were surmounted when combining the disparate platforms with 3 different operating systems, databases, and API languages.

The sensitive nature of the organization necessitated sandboxing the less secure open source blogging platform and integrating a highly secure e-commerce platform that serves ERP stock/price data to a public-facing website in the face of modern day security threats such as advanced persistent threats from sophisticated hacker organizations and state actors.

Once the unified systems were working together site speed became paramount. When seconds affect the customer experience impacting engagement and sales, page load had to be maximized. Using a cloud-based caching system created a 10,000 percent page load speed increase resulting in a page load speed for the integrated system faster than any of its individual components.

Founder and lead Solutions Architect, Crockett Dunn, “I implement custom solutions. While other software vendors offer pre fixe systems, I am tailoring solutions catering to each client’s unique needs.”


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