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Bluetooth Proximity Unlock from Broadcom/Widcomm- Great in Windows 7… Unsupported by Windows 10??

Why isn’t anyone complaining about the lack of full Windows 10 support for Broadcom’s Widcomm Bluetooth software stack, specifically the Proximity Unlock feature that is supported by Windows 7.  Yes I know, lots of super geeky words here, but doesn’t everyone want workstation security without having to type and retype strong passwords to unlock their workstation?

It’s beautiful, man:

Bluetooth Proximity Unlock Sofware

(above, Windows 7 Bluetooth Device Control Panel, showing device used for proximity unlock)

All I have to do is walk away from my workstation with phone in pocket, and my computer locks.

A quick google search on the topic yields results including links to “how to” articles suggesting third party apps, at least one of which is discontinued.

I had hoped Android’s new smart unlock features (GPS, voice, Bluetooth connection) were an indication that the mainstream valued this type of feature.

File this away with my 2003 gripe about the lack of GPS+Camera+MP3 capability in any single mobile device.  Sigh…  Just like then, maybe today the world is just not ready for the awesomeness of proximity awareness.


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