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SEO: Google Penalties

Authoritative information on two types of penalties that can be inflicted upon a site by Google: algorithmic, and manually reported.  Also, how to submit a Reconsideration Request. Posted via email from crockettdunn’s posterous

eFax Customer Support Really “Wow’d” me… not in a positive way

Update March 12, 2011:Received: Thank you for contacting eFax customer support. The issue that you are experiencing needs a special attention, hence to solve your problem at the earliest we request you to contact one of our Customer Service representatives at 1-323-817-3205. Representatives are available to assist 24/7. We apologize for the inconvenience, if any…. Continue reading

SEM best practices

View the webcast here. Aspects of integrating aspects of a Total Web Presence campaign: PPC, Social Media, & Search. Covers SEO/PPC budgeting, tactics for increasing PPC quality score, & Social Media Advertising strategies. Closes with case study from Timex. Posted via email from crockettdunn’s posterous

SEO Tip: Incoming Links

Incoming links are a heavily weighted factor in establishing your search engine ranking (your Google Page Rank).  However, it is not the QUANTITY of links that is important (in fact, too many links from bad sources can actually hurt you), so much as the QUALITY of incoming links to your site. OK, so what is… Continue reading

Google Blended Search, Revisited

Sometimes clients look at me sideways when they find out they need to be discussing their products on YouTube or Facebook and Twitter. Why bother?The short answer is: Google recognizes and rewards “buzz” about your website.  For the long answer, and an explanation of Google Blended Search Results, a.k.a. Google Universal Search, read on… Since… Continue reading

Windows 7 Tip: Easy Tutorial Creator

While Windows 7 was in development, the engineers over at Microsoft had the smart idea to build a troubleshooting tool called, “Problem Step Recorder.” What this tool does is follow your mouse and record screenshots in order to document what you’re doing.  You can also enter notes as you go about recording your business.  It… Continue reading

The Current State of Popular-Inquiry According to Google

A recent study of Google’s suggestions for questions of the “WH” variety (who, what, when, where, why, how, which) revealed the following top themes (after normalization for celebrity a television media): Pregnancy, Marriage, Love, and Kissing Skills Weight Loss Poop The original study can be found here. This is the study.How:  Why: What: When: Where:… Continue reading

Feeding Froogle: Search Engine Marketing for E-Commerce

Remember when the Internet was simple? The all-important e-commerce beast Google Products was originally known as Froogle. Froogle was a pioneer in compiling products from many online stores and websites into one big “store front.” This idea we call “The Dog Pile” approach (by the way, dogpile.com was a pioneer in multi-engine key phrase searching,… Continue reading