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“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential,” — Winston Churchill’s SEM Part II

If you enjoyed our riffing on Confucius, you’ll love what’s next. Ladies and Gentlemen, Sir Winston Churchill will now address your needs for Search Engine Marketing! Amazed that a man whose heyday was several decades before there was an Internet has so much to say on the topic? This will take four installments: “To improve… Continue reading

CMS is a Beautiful Thing, or Confucianism Part IV

“Good people distinguish things in terms of categories and groups.” In prior Confucianism-inspired posts, we talked about the benefits of using Content Management (CMS) at your website. We’ve made the case for organizing, ordering, and arranging web pages, so now onto breaking bottlenecks in controlling costs and maintaining efficiency while moving forward with today’s standards…. Continue reading

From Web Pages to Web Sites, or Confuciansim Part III

“Good people order and arrange” Had enough Confucius yet? ‘Cause that old dude had the Internet pegged! Remember the days of the coal-and-steam-powered internet, when you had to walk miles in the snow to a university to make changes to your website, and ration your disk space usage because there wasn’t enough to go around?… Continue reading

Planning Your Business Web Presence, or Confucianism Part II

The exact quote from our old friend Confucius is “When they do good things, good people plan first“. In fifteen years in this business, we’ve seen a lot of web development projects, and gained a wealth of experience. Typical, our clients come to us saying something like “Build me a web site with an awesome… Continue reading

A History of Web Content & Confucianism

“Study the Past if You Would Divine the Future” Confucius would say: The Internet is a Big Deal. And Big Deals Change, but then return to whence they came. Or something like that. The Internet has been “around” now for several decades. We can trace its beginning to when Tim Berners-Lee “invented” it (and no,… Continue reading

Idiot Dance!!!! All the Big Web Companies are Doing it!

Idiot Dance, defined: spending at least 30 minutes with technical support, repeatedly going through the same circuitous set of troubleshooting techniques that you already tried before phoning, yet not having your problem resolved by the support “pros.” At CDLLC, we do not do the Idiot Dance. We retain such close business relationships with our clients,… Continue reading