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scams…. I get ’em too

[ADDENDUM, 2009.01.09: There is another scam out there which attempts to get you to pay more for your domain, and possibly transfer it to a different domain registrar. It usually comes in the form of a postal mail from a very official sounding name, like National Domain Protectors or US Domain Registry Keepers. I’ve uploaded… Continue reading

Search Enginge Marketing (SEM) and Optimization (SEO)

Any of you remember when Yahoo was one single web page? Back then, everything was a web page- no “sites” or “portals.” Just everyone and some companies had a nifty “Home Page.” Back then, I held the #1 Yahoo/Alta-Vista result for “Crockett,” because my Duke University Home Page was entitled, “Crockett… Crockett? Crockett!” This apparently… Continue reading

trust and the internet business relationship

Dear client, prospect, vendor, partner, team-member, or casual web surfer: At CDLLC, we constantly strive to keep everyone in the family satisfied, and in the process, each client places a lot of trust in CDLLC, for which we are very grateful. We also understand that it can be quite nerve-wracking to be that new client,… Continue reading

“HELP!!!! My Internet/Email is Broken!!”

“My Internet is Broken,” is perhaps the most common tech support request experienced by Information Technology professionals since the emergence of AOL, Mindspring, and Earthlink. AOL and Mindspring/Earthlink came along and offered the previously super-nerd-accessible-only INTERNET to the masses. There were two major results: This accelerated internet usage to the point where we are today…. Continue reading